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TravelSol 2AA Battery Charger

  • $ 5.95

TravelSol 2AA Battery Charger

TravelSol 2AA Battery Charger is the right charger to get if you need to operate your electronic devices which require AA batteries in a remote area. The TravelSol 2AA Battery Charger is a great device to help keep up to 4 AA rechargeable batteries fully charged.

With a very simple design, the TravelSol 2AA Battery Charger is easy to use and carry. It can fit into your bag easily and even your pockets! You can adjust the angle of the solar panel according to the sunlight, so that you can receive maximum amount of sunlight for your battery. Since it is 100% solar powered, the operating cost will be $0 and environmental friendly.

Get a TravelSol 2AA Battery Charger today and go solar!


  • Type of battery it can charge: AA Batteries
  • Able to charge...: Ni-Cd, Ni-mH, Li-ion
  • Dimension:
  • Charging Time for 1 Battery: 2-3 hours
  • Charging Time for 2 Batteries: 4-6 hours
  • Charging Time for 3 Batteries: 7-10 hours
  • Charging Time for 4 Batteries: 10-14 hours

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